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Carbon mast : why ?



  1. Weight
    First thing coming through your mind when you are talking about a carbon mast is obviously the weight saving, but besides that, the center of gravity is very critical. A lighter top mast head will induce less pitching and less heeling, which improves performance and comfort. The optimum weight saving can only be achieved by using pre-preg material cured in autoclave.

  2. Windage
    Another important criteria when sailing is the aerodynamic. The quality of the carbon material gives us the possibility to keep the weight down with the proper stiffness and at the same time to reduce the dimension of the section which results in a huge advantage as far as windage.

  3. Stiffness
    A carbon mast is stiffer, is pumping less and maintains a tighter head stay, with the main and the jib working more efficiently.
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