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Manufacturing of carbon masts is very labor intensive.  AXXON doesn’t make any compromise and most of the components are built in carbon : mast head, sheave boxes, head stay and stay sail attachments with the exception of pins, sheaves and eventually spreaders for which AXXON offers an aluminium option.  Even the aluminium spreaders are optimized in weight with welded tapper and machined end fitting.

AXXON also offers a range of masts with carbon and aluminium track integrated in the profile.

Everything is made for a maximum weight saving.

In this respect, in order to bring even more performance, Axxon is launching the Thin Carbon Layers Technology – TCL®. The new laminating techniques with thin pre-preg layers allow more weight saving and get the possibility to reduce the mast section and windage at the same time, obtaining a carbon mast which is lighter and more aerodynamic.

For the finishing no fairing is needed (weight saving) as the masts cured in female toolings give a perfect smooth finish.

Specifications and options

Specifications and options include a large variety of choices.

It will take too much space to include all of them but you will find enclosed some samples :

Specifications :

Head mast, long or short, with or without backstay, with or without 2:1
Sheave with spectacle, seagul sheave
Head stay with toggle or with lashing
Runner tang
Spreaders, diamonds
Spinnacker ring
Goose neck
Vang bracket
Mast step with or without sheave pin, mast step for lashing block

Options :

Electronic bracket 
Mast head LED light
Carbon spreaders
Boomerang carbon spreaders
Carbon radar bracket
LED deck light
Spinnaker pole track
Switch track
Halyard tensioner
Carbon goose neck
Foldable mast step
Halyard jammer
Carbon goose neck
Carbon vang bracket
Internal or external mast jack

The innovative carbon mast company