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Furling mast


AXXON Composites is launching the OST Carbon Furling Mast : the first furling mast manufactured in a single Autoclave curing (One Shot)

The separating partition which will receive the sail is laminated and cured togheter with the mast profile. The lamination of the profile is optimized. This techology, already used to make the foils of the boats from America’s Cup, is a premiere in the furling masts field. Applied to lenghts of more than 30 meters, it required numerous years of research and developement.

Lighter than the existing carbon masts on the market, the weight saving compared to an aluminium mast is between 30% and 40%.

The OST Carbon Furling Mast AXXON improves comfort on the boat : less pitch, less roll. The mast is stiffer, more efficient.

The innovative carbon mast company