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The tube section



Therefore, the mast engineering is a compromise between the section size, the wall thickness and the fiber modulus, taking into account the loading  in the various panels (distance between the deck and the spreaders). 

For boats of similar sizes, the weight and section will vary depending on the boats stability (righting moment), on the location of chain plates , on the number and angle of the spreaders and on the presence or absence of backstay and runners. Sail configuration is also critical especially with a big mast head Code 0 headsail, which can induce a lot of additional compressive bending moment on the mast. The safety factors used can vary upon the intended use of the mast : Full Racing, Offshore Sailing or Club Racing and  Day sailing.

In conclusion, considering the different criteria chosen above, the tube section may vary, each will have an impact on the weight and windage of the mast.

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