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All booms are built with pre-preg material cured in female toolings, in autoclave at 125° degrees giving a perfect smooth finish.

AXXON manufactures 2 types of V booms : Canoe and Park Avenue.  Very convenient for stocking the main sail, they improve the overall appearance of your boat.

The canoe boom distinguish itself from the Park Avenue through its floor, much lower, which allows to stock the full main sail inside the boom.

The V boom structure is made of three beams of monolithic unidirectional HR carbon fiber linked together with a carbon-foam sandwich.


Rear carbon sheave box for out haul and 3 reefs
Aluminium goose neck anodized with bronze bushing, with 4 sheaves
Aluminium vang bracket
Reef line dead end on lashing pin
1 padeye for boom topping lift
2 x 3 rope padeyes for lazy-jack


Out haul track with 1 out haul car and 3 reef cars
Carbon vang bracket
Hydraulic out haul
Hydraulic Magic trim for main sheet
Track for sail cover
Bolt rope track for bimini
LED cockpit lights


Two options :  Clear coated  -  Painted in various colors.  Inside non slipping finish


All fittings are bonded to the boom to avoid corrosion.

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